The Power of Focused Thoughts

The problem with “positive thinking” is that it doesn’t work — at least not for 90% of the people that try it.

Does that mean that it’s a flawed approach to attaining success and happiness? No, far from it! Focused and sustained positive thinking is the secret to inner peace, getting what you want out of life, and having the ability to surmount most problems.

The only way you can truly tap in to the immense power of your thoughts is to do it deliberately, methodically, and persistently.

Whenever you attempt anything haphazardly or halfheartedly, you’re setting yourself up for failure. If you every find yourself falling into that mental trap — and we’ve all been there — the solution is to STOP and REALIGN yourself into a more positive direction. Well-established habits can be very strong — whether they’re productive or self-defeating — but they can be changed, upgraded, or eliminated with focused attention, deliberate action, and mental resolve.

There are thoughts that work in your favor and thoughts that act as stumbling blocks. Regardless of the quality of your thoughts at any point in time, you have the ability to monitor them, dismiss them, and replace negative thoughts with ones that are more motivating, inspiring, and self affirming.

By recognizing that you have direct access to the “control panel” of your thoughts, feelings, and actions, you’ll be in a stronger position to be the best version of yourself.

Since perfection is generally unattainable (and often unnecessary) simply aiming for the best you’re capable of doing at that particular point in time can produce progress without imposing too much pressure on you. Not that’s there’s anything wrong with operating under pressure, but some people have more of a tolerance for it than others.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Bottom line is this: Everyone has a different path in life and we all proceed at a different pace. When you develop a plan and take inspired action, however, your chances of achieving goals and enhancing your life are greatly improved — especially when you stay focused on your intended outcome and give yourself a reasonable chance to “make it to the finish line.”

Since so many people get discouraged and give up after one or two tries, a good saying to keep in mind is “Three times is the charm.” While there’s probably no mystical truths wrapped up in that age-old saying, you will be mathematically improving your chances of success in almost any endeavor if you attempt something one more time! That one extra effort can not only make all the difference, but it can change the course of your entire life.

It’s up to each individual to gather information, weigh the risks versus benefits, and prepare for whatever challenge they’re pursuing, but after all is said and done, sometimes you just have to take the plunge!

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Published by Joel S

With 37 years of experience in journalism, public relations, and marketing, I'm embarking on a new challenge: tackling some of the BIG questions of life: Why are we here? What is success? How can we be happier and make the most of this journey?

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