Mental Focus is the Ultimate Goal

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

No matter what you want in life, here are four steps that comprise the formula for achieving your goals:

  • Establish goals. That usually requires reflecting on what you personally need to be happier, healthier, energized, and more fulfilled.
  • Clarify your goals. Writing down your goals, your personal values, and your priorities in a journal can be an effective technique for defining your path in life and beginning the process of realizing your potential.
  • Reinforce positive intentions: Provide yourself with reminders, ever day, about personal qualities you want to develop and actions you’re going to take to produce specific results.
  • Take action: Identify one or more specific actions you can take, every day, to bring you closer to your goals. Then follow through.

Develop Success Habits that Propel You Forward

We are creatures of habit. That’s the way our brain works, so if you want to change a habit or a particular condition in your life, you have to be ready and willing to go outside your comfort zone. Whether you believe it takes 21 days or one week to create a new habit, it’s going to feel a little uncomfortable at first. Your willingness to take action and work through that discomfort depends entirely on your motivation, your determination to change or improve your life, and your self esteem. Your self esteem comes into play because, before making positive changes in your life, you need to believe that you’re worthy and deserving of happiness, prosperity, vibrant health, and inner peace. Learning to be your own best friend, number one advocate, and most ardent admirer might be the perfect starting point for attracting more success, love, and happiness.

The Importance of Adopting a Positive Mindset

The paradox of life is that happiness often attracts money, love, and opportunity, but money and success don’t necessarily produce happiness. So the traditional concept about clawing your way up the ladder of success and postponing happiness for some future date or event may need to be “tweaked” a little bit!

But what is a positive mindset and how does it help propel you forward toward your desired lifestyle and level of success? Well, a positive mindset can be viewed as the “foundation” on which you build the groundwork for the achievement of your goals. By getting in the habit of believing in yourself and reinforcing the belief that all things are possible, you’re clearing a path for moving forward and advancing toward your goals.

So stop reading this blog post, write down three realistic goals you can achieve within the next 30 days, and take immediate action toward the attainment of those goals.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay


  • Don’t overthink it! Just get started!
  • Only you can make it happen!
  • “Luck” is something you have to create, not wait for!

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