Positive Thoughts for the Day

Since ancient times, philosophers, soothsayers, and shamans have been telling us that the thoughts we cultivate and focus on can have a profound effect on the quality and circumstances of our lives. The vast majority of books, recordings, and seminars on positive thinking or personal development emphasize this principle. Many of the major religions alsoContinue reading “Positive Thoughts for the Day”

Keys to Manifesting Success

If you’re interested in manifesting success — and who isn’t — your first task is to define what success means to you. While some people may define success as acquiring sports cars, vacation homes, and expensive jewelry, other people may define success as achieving happiness, financial security, and a fulfilling lifestyle. Since it’s your life,Continue reading “Keys to Manifesting Success”

Einstein Unravels Life’s Big Mysteries

Albert Einstein was one of the most fascinating minds of the twentieth century — not only because he was a brilliant physicist, but because he seemed to have a profound understanding of people, life, and the nature of the universe. He said a lot of insightful things in his life, but my favorite Einstein quoteContinue reading “Einstein Unravels Life’s Big Mysteries”

Positive Thoughts are Life Changing

When U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt was inaugurated in 1933, the Great Depression was loosening its grip on businesses, global economies, and families struggling to put food on the table. Things were pretty rough, back then, as they are for a lot of people, today. In his inaugural address to the nation and the world,Continue reading “Positive Thoughts are Life Changing”

You Are the Product of Your Beliefs

Actually, I wanted to title this blog post “You are the product of your beliefs, habits, environment, and genetic makeup,” but that would have been way too long for a headline! All those influences make us what we are today, but — if I had to designate one as the most important, beliefs would beContinue reading “You Are the Product of Your Beliefs”

How to Take Charge of Your Life

Beliefs are incredibly powerful because they control your thoughts, your actions, and the effectiveness of those actions. If you believe you’re not capable, important, or attractive, then everything about you will radiate that message — and other people’s opinions of you will be influenced by those verbal and non-verbal messages. When your beliefs are negativeContinue reading “How to Take Charge of Your Life”

Your Thoughts are Building Blocks

Do thoughts just randomly happens to us, or do we have control over them? Can we choose the quality and content of our thoughts and, by doing so, can we be happier and function at a higher level? Whether or not that’s possible depends on your personal belief system. If you believe that you’re atContinue reading “Your Thoughts are Building Blocks”

How Thoughts Can Empower You

Thoughts are a hard thing to understand because they’re invisible and we don’t always know where they come from. Have you ever had the experience where you’re just minding your own business when, all of a sudden, a memory from 20 years ago just pops into your head? Another time, you might be driving toContinue reading “How Thoughts Can Empower You”

The Power of Focused Thoughts

The problem with “positive thinking” is that it doesn’t work — at least not for 90% of the people that try it. Does that mean that it’s a flawed approach to attaining success and happiness? No, far from it! Focused and sustained positive thinking is the secret to inner peace, getting what you want outContinue reading “The Power of Focused Thoughts”