How to Cultivate a Positive Growth Mindset

One of the many challenges of being a human being (in this crazy, kooky world of ours) is that, although, we’re born with a tremendous amount of potential, we’re pretty much left to our own devices when it comes to figuring out how to discover and use that potential. Since it’s typically not taught inContinue reading “How to Cultivate a Positive Growth Mindset”

Self Esteem: The Bedrock of Happiness

I think at some level, everyone recognizes the importance of self esteem in their attitude toward life, but dismisses it as a form of self centeredness. This may very well be the number one barrier to being a fully actualized, joyful, fulfilled human being. I’m not saying it’s a good idea to be conceited, arrogant,Continue reading “Self Esteem: The Bedrock of Happiness”

Mental Focus is the Ultimate Goal

No matter what you want in life, here are four steps that comprise the formula for achieving your goals: Establish goals. That usually requires reflecting on what you personally need to be happier, healthier, energized, and more fulfilled. Clarify your goals. Writing down your goals, your personal values, and your priorities in a journal canContinue reading “Mental Focus is the Ultimate Goal”

Positive Thoughts for the Day

Since ancient times, philosophers, soothsayers, and shamans have been telling us that the thoughts we cultivate and focus on can have a profound effect on the quality and circumstances of our lives. The vast majority of books, recordings, and seminars on positive thinking or personal development emphasize this principle. Many of the major religions alsoContinue reading “Positive Thoughts for the Day”

Keys to Manifesting Success

If you’re interested in manifesting success — and who isn’t — your first task is to define what success means to you. While some people may define success as acquiring sports cars, vacation homes, and expensive jewelry, other people may define success as achieving happiness, financial security, and a fulfilling lifestyle. Since it’s your life,Continue reading “Keys to Manifesting Success”